One of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

Cala Bassa offers a large curve of fine white sand from which there are fabulous views of the well known promontory of Cap Nono and San Antonio. The rocky promontories on either side of the sand are ideal for fishing or jumping off into the crystal clear water. It's a very popular beach in the summer months.

Cala Bassa is ten minutes away by car from San Antonio.  You just need to follow the signals on the San Antonio or San José road.  There is a 15 minute long Ferry service from San Antonio too.  This is a regular service in summer.We are located at the end of the beach and opened from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.  If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask, we will be pleased to help you. Before or after riding one of our Jet skis, you can enjoy different services offered by the Cala Bassa Beach Club.

Visit Cala Bassa Beach Club

While waiting or after riding one of our Jet Skis you can visit Cala Bassa Beach Club and enjoy their cuisine in the shades of the junipers, with rear views into the forest and with front views to the crystal clear waters and the light coloured sand. On the horizon, the Cap Nonó rises magnificently, giving you the best atmosphere you could want for your meal. Savour the local recipes, such as rice with lobster, paella, the traditional “Bullit de Peix” or choose a tasting menu which you will also enjoy in your hammock, which is found under the shade of the trees or in the sand at the shoreline. The experienced team of chefs is striving for the best products from the island, achieving an unmatched quality.